• Decode Your Wellness Profile:

    Dive deep into your genetics to uncover personalized wellness strategies.

  • Nutrition & Mind-Body Balance:

    Receive custom nutrition and supplement advice, alongside mindfulness techniques for mental and emotional well-being.

  • Optimize Your Energy & Longevity:

    Harness the power of tailored metabolic training and sleep optimization to boost your vitality and extend your health span.

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The Essence of Precision Wellness

Tailored Wellness Plans for Complete Well-being

Our wellness approach integrates biometrics, genomics, and lifestyle insights to create comprehensive plans covering diet, physical activity, mental health, and stress management.

Personalized Me Bio+

Proven Results in Wellness Enhancement

  • Boost in Overall Energy:

    Experience a noticeable increase in daily energy and vitality.

  • Enhanced Longevity Metrics:

    Enhanced Longevity Metrics: Achieve significant improvements in markers related to long-term health and aging.

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How it works

Step 1

Step 1: Assessment
Complete the Health, Lifestyle, and 8 Dimensions of Well-being Questionnaires

Step 2

Step 2: Full Genome Sequence
Mail the at home genome test kit to our lab - it is a simple cheek swab

Step 3

Step 3: Blood and Urine Panels
Schedule your labs with a convenient LabCorp location near you.

Step 4

Step 4: Private Consult
Reserve your 1:1 Consult to design and create your tailored program

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Choose Your Wellness Journey

Seamless Integration into Your Life